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Sarmaşık 2 HES

Energy, especially electricity is an indispensible right, considering the modern life standarts. Even under normal conditions, our country?s electricity consumption is considerably low when compared with the developed countries.  With this perspective and developing technologies, AGE ENERJİ is planning new energy investments with a diversity of resources.


Thermal Reasources

Natural Gas
The construction phase of 200 MW Sarayköy Natural Gas Combined-Cycle Power Plant project has been started at the beginning of 2011 and it is put in the operation at 2013.

With the conscious of importance of local resource utilization during energy production, local coal reserves are being investigated. Having prospecting licenses, coal power plant feasibility studies are being carried out; which are high productivity rated, environment friendly, built according to the latest technologies and low pollutant emission with the utmost usage of local fuel.


Hydro-electrical power plants, as a local and renewable resource of energy production, are alternative solutions for Turkey?s energy need. AGE ENERJİ shows special attention to hydro-electric power plants at privatization tenders and for his own investments. This type of power plants constitutes an important part of the AGE ENERJİ investments

AGE ENERJİ has applied for licenses for the wind energy projects in order to transfer the wind potential to energy production. AGE ENERJİ follows the latest technologies in this area and waits for the results of the license applications.


AGE ENERJİ, is conscious of the importance of solar power for future. In this regard, we are following the technological developments and carrying out business development for greenfield projects.



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