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Grup Şirketleri

FETAŞ Fethiye Energy Inc.


FETAŞ  Fethiye Energy and Trading Inc, the first investment company of AGE ENERJİ, was established in 1993. 16.5 MW Fethiye HEPP, 21 MW Sarmaşık I and 22 MW Sarmaşık II HEPP were commissioned and currently being operated by the company.


TÜM Energy Inc.

TÜM Energy Inc. was established in 2005. 30 MW Pınar HEPP was commissioned and currently being operated by the company.

TÜM Energy Inc. is also the investor company of Siirt Oran Dam and HEPP project.


YAMAÇ Energy Inc.

YAMAÇ Energy Inc. was established in 2006. The company is the investor firm of the 5,60 MW YAMAÇ HEPP located in Osmaniye province.


SELVİ Energy & Mining Inc.

SELVİ Energy and Mining Inc., established in 2006, is dealing with business development activities about local, carbon based energy production.


AGE Energy Trading Inc.

AGE Energy Trading Inc. established in 2009 and also licensed by EMRA, is dealing with energy trading and electricity supply services to eligible consumers within the market regulations and also serving eligible consumers.


AGE Energy Investments Inc.

AGE Energy Investments Inc, established in 2007, is dealing with business deveplopment for greenfield solar and wind energy investment projects.


AGE Denizli Natural Gas Electricity Production Inc.

AGE Denizli Natural Gas Electricty Production Inc, established in 2010, is the investor company of the 205 MW AGE Denizli  CCPP located in Saraykoy, Denizli.





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