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AGE Enerji Kalite ve Cevre

Our environmental policy;

The protection and rehabilitation of the world that we live in should be considered as a part of our job.
For this reason our company;
• Improves the performance and service quality for protection of the environment continuously,
• Performs the investments and activities in a respectable manner to the environment,
• Contributes to the formation of environment conscious of our employers and people around us,
• Takes care about preservation of the existing sources, recycle and minimize the waste,
• Fulfills all legal engagements about the environment,

In order to leave the world clean to the future generations, we commit to maintain our quality environment systems with continuous improvement.


Our quality policy is based on

• The integrity and trust principles,
• Quality perception in the world standards,
• Utilization of the best machinery and modern engineering vision,
• With all personnel, in team spirit and solidarity with creativity
• Continuous education and improvement of the qualifications 
• Environmental and work safety conscious,
• Absolute fulfillment to current laws and legislations,


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